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Before joining UW-Madison

1. Synthetic Routes for a 2D Semiconductive Copper Hexahydroxybenzene Metal–Organic Framework

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34. Structure-Assisted Functional Anchor Implantation in Robust Metal‒Organic Frameworks with Ultralarge Pores

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35. Symmetry-Guided Synthesis of Highly Porous Metal-Organic Frameworks with Fluorite Topology

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36. Stepwise Synthesis of Robust Metal-Organic Frameworks via Post-Synthetic Metathesis and Oxidation of Metal Nodes in a Single-Crystal to Single-Crystal Transformation      

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37. Rigidifying Fluorescent Linkers by Metal-Organic Framework Formation for Fluorescence Blue Shift and Quantum Yield Enhancement

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39. Pore Surface Engineering with Controlled Loadings of Functional Groups via Click Chemistry in Highly Stable Metal-Organic Frameworks

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